Why are our Premium Selection canned foods so special and exclusive?

High-quality, traditional, exclusive, Galician, are just some of the adjectives that define Cortizo’s Premium Selection canned foods, each containing tradition and culture within a can. The production process respects the taste, smell and texture of the sea, meaning that you can savour that unmistakable flavour with each bite.

The secret of our Premium Selection canned foods lies in an excellent fresh product, a meticulous production process and the tradition and wisdom we have inherited from the locals in Rianxo, Galicia.

Rías Gallegas

The number one source of raw produce for canned foods, these coastal inlets have a long tradition in this field, as in the 19th century Catalan and Breton fishermen settled in the Rías Gallegas region in search of our sought-after products. From then on, the knowledge of local fishermen was boosted by the modern advances brought by the Catalans and Bretons, resulting in the worldwide fame of canned products from Galicia.

From a geographical point of view, the Rías Gallegas are the most characteristic feature of our coastline: stunning inlets which pierce the land and create a natural setting of huge ecological value where the freshwater of the rivers mixes with the saltwater of the sea. This provides a truly unique habitat for fish, crustacean and molluscs, reflected in their highly-renowned status.

The raw produce we use for our premium canned foods comes from the best waters, our beloved and incomparable Ría de Arousa and Ría de Noia. We are firmly committed to using local products and knowledge, thereby giving back to Galicia through the sale of fish and shellfish.

Fish and shellfish

The process

The production process for our most exclusive and indulgent canned foods is entrusted to our most veteran experts. They know all the secrets of fish and shellfish, and are the only people who know how to treat them with the tenderness and care that they deserve.

The production of Premium Selection canned foods uses traditional manual processes, as in bygone times, carried out by locals from Rianxo. Each Premium Selection product contains a little piece of our region, our soul and our passion for canned foods.