Committed to producing premium quality canned foods with the essence of Galicia

Conservera de Rianxo is an independent, family-run company based in Galicia, Spain.

The origins of Conservas Cortizo (our trading name) can be traced back to a former canning factory located within the castle of Rianxo. In 1975, the company moved to its current premises in order to expand and modernise the production process at a more convenient site.

Our philosophy is to select only the highest quality products, with the consumer’s peace-of-mind being core to our beliefs, which is why we created our own in-house quality control laboratory. We did so to respond to market requirements and also to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Today, we view the future as an ever-changing scenario. Whenever any changes do take place, we always guarantee an ongoing quest for maximum quality, combined with a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust.

m² of our logistics center
Tonnes of processed fish per year
People commited with highest quality

We’re from Galicia… and proud of it!

Our hallmarks

Soul, roots and passion


Each canned product that comes out of our factories conserves a little piece of our soul, of our know-how and of all the experience we’ve amassed over the years.


We learn from the wisdom of expert seafarers to produce our canned foods from the wonderful fish and shellfish caught in the spectacular Rías Gallegas. Our heart belongs to Galicia.


Passion for detail, passion for respecting proven traditions and passion for guaranteeing that each item is exactly what our customers want. Passion for things done well.

Our select high-quality products are limited editions