SOUL, ROOTS and PASSION; three words that define us


The authentic taste of yesteryear within everyone’s reach. That’s how we define our range of canned foods made with the very best raw materials.

Versatile, affordable, easy to use and with high nutritional values. Our range is made up of products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and Omega 3, all with the utmost quality and meticulously prepared by our expert professionals.

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When we talk about Cortizo Premium Selection, we’re referring to an exclusive product caught or collected in the Rías Gallegas, an exceptional source of nutrients and goodness thanks to the features and location of these coastal inlets unique to Galicia.

We’re talking about canned foods made with super fresh products hand-prepared by our experts with years and years of experience in the cannery business, who know better than anyone how to care for and treat such an exclusive and delicate product.

These are canned foods that convey all the flavour of Galicia and all the soul and passion of our years of experience with these local delicacies.

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We boast an extensive range of products aimed specifically at professionals, distributors, purchasing groups, hotels or restaurants. Our main motivation is to offer the best product at a truly competitive rate to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our experience is our best calling card. We’ve been working with with industry professionals for a quarter of a century and expanding our Horeca range to meet the needs of one of the most discerning industries.

If you’re looking for a provider, please feel free to contact us and together we’ll find the best solutions for working as a team.

Product Details
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